Why “Literature and the Tortoise”? I am an inveterately slow blogger – the pace at which I expect to update this blog is perhaps comparable to that of a trundling tortoise or snail uncertainly raising its antennae to the air, unsure of which direction to head off in next.

I expect to be quoting liberally from the authors I refer to in these entries. If I do so it is partly out of laziness, partly out of admiration for what the authors have written, and partly out of that sense of not being able to gloss or re-frame what they have said any better than the way in which they have chosen to do so.

In that spirit, let me quote Montaigne and simply say here that “J’ai seulement fait ici un amas de fleurs étrangères, n’y ayant fourni du mien que le filet à les lier”:  I have gathered a posy of other’s flowers, and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine.

The blog itself, at this stage, I plan to use to introduce literature and authors. There will be some academic reflections, perhaps some light observation. If anybody finds a space here to sit and read, then I will be glad I attempted it.

You can email me at: declanfry@graduate.uwa.edu.au


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