On the Korea-China-Japan Relationship

31 Jul

“If China has a dream of a great renewal, Abe’s Japan also has a dream of becoming East Asia’s leader with a military that can wage war. Within the U.S.-China confrontation, China’s dream and Japan’s dream collide at the East and South China Seas. Preventing a collision on the Korean Peninsula is the difficult yet urgent task of Korea’s diplomacy. The proposal of Xi for an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank must not be accepted because it came from China, or rejected because the United States protests it. A decision that best serves Korea’s national interest must be made.

“Korea must not be part of the U.S. ambition to contain China nor be seduced by Xi’s sugarcoated China Dream. A strategic view that includes the larger picture of Northeast Asia is what we need.”

-Kim, Young-hie, “China’s Ties With South Korea: A Snake Wrapped Around a Rabbit?” The World Post. July 14, 2014.





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