Samir Amin on globalisation

30 May

“The law of globalized value – the foundation of the global system – is at the very origin of world polarization (contrast: centres/peripheries). Capitalism as a world system cannot be reduced to the capital mode of production, as the capitalist mode of production assumes an integrated three-dimensional market (goods, capital and labour).

      This integration, effected in the context of the history of the formation of central bouregois nation states, was never extended to world capitalism. The world market is exclusively two-dimensional in its growth, progressively integrating exchanges of products and the flow of capital – to the exclusion of labour, for which the market remains compartmentalized. This very fact is enough to bring about unavoidable polarization.” (Samir Amin, “The Challenge of Globalization: Delinking,” in Poscolonialism (Volume V) ed. Diana Brydon, London and NY: Routledge, 2000), 1893-1894 1893-1899).

“The 20 or 30 years if the relatively integrated capital world market (1850-1880) were followed by over 60 years of inter-imperialist rivalries (1880-1945), so violent that they led to two world wars; and, as from 1917, by 70 years of effective delinking by the Soviet Union, then by China. Unification of the world through the market and hegemony, far from being the rule in the history of capitalist world expansion, is the exception, and both short-lasting and fragile. The law of the system is continuing rivalry and delinking.”


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