Mascia-Lees 1989: 15″when Western white amles – who

28 May

Mascia-Lees, F.E>, Sharpe, P. and COhen, C.B. 1989, “The post-modernist turn in anthropology: cautions from a feminist perspective”, Signs, 15(1): 7-33: 15

“when Western white amles – who traditionally have controlled the production of knowledge – can no longer define the truth…their response is toconclude that their is no truth to be discovered”.

“it seems highly suspicious that it is at this moment in history, when so many groups are engaged in ‘nationalisms’, which involve redefinitions of the marginalised Others, that doubt arises in the academy about the possibility of a general theory which can describe the world, about historical ‘progress’. Why is it, exactly at the moment when so many of us, who have been silence, begin to demand the right to name ourselves, to act as subjects rather than objects of history, that just then, the concept of subjecthood becomes problematic…(that) just when we are forming our own theories about the world, uncertainty emerges about whether the world can be adequately theorised.” (Nancy Harstock, 1989, “Rethinking Modernism”, Cultural Critique, 7: 187-206.


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